Nov 13, 2006

Newswriting - Feature Story

Clad in a green outfit that accentuated her bosoms, Daphne Iking immediately became the prime focus of the room. (Not because of her proportioned upper body of course. What were you thinking?)

The 28 year old lass from Sabah first started out in the industry as a broadcast journalist in 2002 and since then, she has hosted various other programmes including Ringgit Sense, Wanita Hari Ini, Explorace and more recently, The Breakfast Show.

Apart from hosting, Daphne has appeared in several commercials like Neutrogena, Kenny Rogers and Ponds. She has also graced the covers of innumerable magazines which include FHM, Female and Health & Beauty. She was also listed as one of Malaysia’s sexiest by FHM this year.

Daphne made her acting debut with the TV series, KL Lights that was aired early this year on 8TV. Her role in the series was inspired by none other than – herself; aptly named ‘Daphne’.

Of course, with her being involved in acting, modelling and hosting, it’s hard not to dwell upon what she will accomplish next. A career in singing perhaps?

“You want to hear me sing ah,” she replied hysterically. “Umm… No, I can’t sing for nuts. If I ever, by the stroke of luck, I become a singer, it’ll be country music,” she said after composing herself.

Unlike in KL Lights, Daphne will take on a more serious role this time around in a Singaporean drama.

“First of all, when I went to cast for that drama, it was me being a wife; I’m a plastic surgeon who could not conceive. My husband wants to adopt and I said: ‘No no no.’ (and the husband says) ’Okay, why don’t we try a surrogate mother,’ and I say: ‘No no. You’re not going to go have sex with another woman.’

“Today, I received my script. It’s the same character but she finds out that her husband was cheating on her. She’s totally different (than ‘Daphne’ from KL Lights). It’s more like ‘Bree’ of Desperate Housewives.”

We know sometimes people get too caught up with dramas and relate the characters to their actors. Is Daphne concerned about that?

“Well, if they do, that means I’ve made a good impact. But I know my closest friends; they know that I’m not like that. I think that’s the important thing.”

With Marion Caunter from 8TV’s Quickie leaving for Channel V, Daphne too is interested in going international. Instead of hosting music shows, Daphne has other things on her mind.

“Maybe not MTV, not Channel V either. I mean, Marion, I wish her well. If she can do what Asha (Gill) and Paula (Malai Ali) did, kudos. I want to do something like Travel and Living. That’s more me lah.”

Talking about hosting, it’s not as easy as some people portray it to be. The life of a host isn’t all about having the gift of gab or the glamour.

Daphne’s day starts as early as 4a.m. and usually ends at 6p.m. At 8a.m., she hosts The Breakfast Show (TBS) together with Nazrudin Habibur Rahman (Naz) for two hours. After the show’s post mortem, she starts her assignments. Later on, she comes back to the office to do her scripts, voice-overs and sends it to the editor. And then, it starts all over again.

The concept of TBS is fairly spontaneous and no doubt Daphne has made her fair share of on-air blunders.

“During the World Cup, we had balls as props and Naz was going on and on about how the Netherlands was the best team; yawn yawn yawn… And I said: ‘Naz, stop playing with your balls.’ Is there something wrong with that? No. Post mortem, Daphne Iking kena! There’s nothing wrong with it. He was playing with his balls,” admitted Daphne.

Just like Malaysia’s sweetheart – Siti Nurhaliza – Daphne is also getting hitched. Her beau, Ryan proposed to her on her birthday in July this year. She is preparing for her wedding which will be held on the 27th of January, 2007. A trip to unwind from the pressure had them change their plans for a wedding in the tropics.

“It was initially supposed to be at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and everyone’s, ‘Eh Siti...’, because there was no other place. And because I’m Kadazan and he’s a traditionalist Chinese whose parents have just gone into Christianity, we decided that it’s going to be too ma fan with all the customs and everything.

“So I went off to Bali with Ryan just to get off the pressure of the wedding preparations. We went to Ritz Carlton, (and we thought) ‘Hey this is nice. Let’s get married here.’ Without telling our parents, we deposited half the cost.

“I have to downsize the guest list from 500 over people to 55. I don’t know how I’m going to do that, but I’m going to do it.”

Daphne also expressed her desire to walk down the isle in her bikini and heels (her fiancĂ© is 6ft tall!), but of course, it’s not going to happen.

Being young and beautiful, not to mention having what millions of girls dream of – a killer body, Daphne has done something to remember this stage in her life.

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: “But thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou owest.”

Indeed, she has made her beauty eternal – by taking nude photographs of herself.
“It’s one of those that you take before you’re 35 – 35 Things to do. I got a professional photographer and of course he had a contract.

“I put it in my house. It was of course classy; it was a picture of me and my back. So it doesn’t see my face, and there’s another one where I had body paint all over me.”

Shegar, who appeared in Love Perhaps? on ntv7, was her make-up artist for the shoot and Tom Hayton was the photographer. Daphne however, has made clear that she will not pose nude for any publications.

Describe Daphne Iking in 5 words: “Quirky, bubbly, noisy, fun and moody.”

No, your eyes do not deceive you. She did in fact say ‘moody’.

“Those who really, really know me; like my unfortunate husband to be… ‘I want my Patchi chocolate now,’ ‘Get my champagne now,’ ‘The whole world is against me,’ she said in jest.

Women have been said to use their sex appeal to climb up the corporate ladder. As someone who is from the broadcasting industry, Daphne says that there are lots of successful women on TV, but there aren’t enough men in the industry.

Next week, Daphne will spend one week in Singapore shooting the pilot episode of the yet-to be-named Singaporean drama.

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