Sep 20, 2006

Oh wow

Male Tarantulas don't have penises.
They propagate by weaving a web and masturbate/secrete their semen onto the web. Then suck it into their mouths and then go tackle Tarantula chic and he risks getting killed by her. If he succeeds and is still alive, he may come and "do" her again for three times until he dies.

Ba-na-leo-worms decide the sex of their babies. With a little direction from the ocean. Once they release their babies into the vast ocean, babies that touch corals become girls and those that land on their mother's 20m (or something) tail, gets sucked in and are boys. How amazing! Then the boys become sex slaves.

Female hyenas have big "cherries" and "cheese-sticks". They're what guys yearn to have. They're the masculine ones between the two sexes. Even the boys have become submissive. When the boys want to get it on with the girls, there's what we call, a penis collision course. So sex ain't that easy.
When the females have to give birth, the birth canal is their penises. Most female hyenas die because their penises tear during labour. Even if some live, they have to endure weeks of pain.

Watching animal sex has never been so eye-opening.

Damned NTV7, cut scenes from Grey's Anatomy.
So many advertisements for what... yor... angry adi... diu.


sleepycarrot said...

Ooo... and so I learn something new... Ok la at least I know now never to buy a male and female tarantula and put them in the same cage. Waste of money oni!

Gzhang said...

i have got to start paying more attention on such shows la...dunno where on earth you get all these stuff...hahahaha

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

u get to noe their sex just by dat? woh how complicated..hoho gzhang u wont get to noe more unless u ask de pro ..

cheahwey said...

You guys seem so enthusiastic... hee hee