Aug 13, 2006

Wasted Holiday Lar

It's funny how I've been free to do anything I wanted in one month but nothing much was done.

Nothing blog-worthy. No climatic event of the month.
Why ar?


And for that, I "compensate" with some random things on my mind right now la k.
Oh and like Roberta, I shall put subtitles. So much more neater.

SDC's Mini Orgasm

I forgot to mention that on Monday, when I was waiting for my turn for the on-the-road exam, there was an accident at the mendaki bukit area. Some dude bumped into another dude's kancil. Small dent only lar. It was a... THUMP!!! Not too climatic though.

Madonna:"Fuck you, motherfuckers!!"

You people should watch Madonna's Drowned World Tour 2001 DVD/VCD. The Funny Song is so funny. Heh.

NFS Wanna-be Driver

Driving a manual is so cool.

I Want A Puppy

Today we went driving around in Tropicana after fetching CT from SS2. So while CT drived around (in the manual) in Tropicana, there was this Golden Retriever running around pooping and pissing on the road and roadside. Real cutie. Had a blue collar.
Bet he felt real good. Don't even have to show his dominance since it didn't seem like there were other dogs there. Everytime we did one round, we'd see him at a different road pissing and pooping again.
I even snapped pictures!! Haha... may have frightened some kids, CT said.

World's Best Mini Tocks and World's Most Adorable Kitten

Go take a look at's newest post and another post from Thursday.

Sorry JeatYieng

It's funny how many times we drive past that whole stretch from SRJK (C) Damansara to the ramp of the SPRINT Highway, we see Jeat Yieng walking to school or sitting at the bus stop, we've never stopped for her.

In some mornings, for the past semester, we'd see JeatYieng walking to school, and then we'd say: "Ey look, it's JeatYieng..." and zoom pass.

Obviously it was kinda impossible to stop there when you're going 60kmph > on a busy highway ma.

Friday, I saw JeatYieng waiting at the bus stop near her house. Some dorky Chinese dude sat on the other end of the steel bench.

*Do you call a steel bench a bench if it's not made of wood?*

Bad Hair Day

Ok. I need to cut hair. But no idea how I wanna do it. Keep it the same just shorter?
Change a whole new look? *<- no guts lar. How?*


kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

u do it wit de ns style

:: cream dream :: said...

:) brave yourself to go for a new look! the feeling will be different, just dun go over the board, which i know u won't

sleepycarrot said...

Oh. Haha. I just realised this post.