Aug 29, 2006

Theme: Furry

Long lost pic of Cheeto & Chunky.
Cheeto's the big baddie who's always hogging the wheel.

This is the Retriever that I mentioned in a previous post. (The one that pooped and peed in every road in its neighbourhood.)
I decided to call him, Jimmy.

Cheeto's peeing here. He pees a lot.

Typical LaLa-esque portrait.

Love his little paws.

Princess. Adorable girl. She loves me and I love her.

Dogs that sit like that are cute.

Had dinner at Délifrance in SS2 with SiokWah and SimAi. That definitely helped in the "Friends" department.

Tuesday (Today)
Received SMS (about girl kidnapped by 5 men) from HuiHan, then Mum. Few minutes later, Mum said that it was true. Me Aunt confirmed it with Radio 4.

Put textbook in JeatYieng's locker. Wrote a note saying her locker smells like Cheeto's skin ointment.
I'm okay with it. Cheeto's not.

Printed a photo of Cheeto and Chunky in school today. Used the printing machine thingy. Rm1 wei. Photo paper like aint glossy paper, its extra life paper.
But I love that picture although Chunky's not clearly seen. My only pic with the both of them together in fact.


sleepycarrot said...

Hey I received that sms too! I was a bit doubtful about the message at first. I mean, you don't know how long the message has been circulating around anyway... Scary wei...

Sally said...

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Sandra White said...

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-Littlenicky- said...

go delifrance tak ajak me..

cheahwey said...

I dunno wan... blame SiokWah and SimAi.