Sep 1, 2006

The Peugeot broke down in front of Samad.

At the hump near the billboard I slowed down and then the engine died.

T'was like this.

*accelerate accelerate*
Hwey:"Why nothing wan?"

*accelerate accelerate*
Hwey:"What's wrong ar?"

*Stops to the side cuz gotta drop Deng*

Hwey:"Mum, the engine's dead!"

So we made calls to various people.
I called GZhang. No luck.
And then I called, Tee Yoong.
Like wtf did I call TeeYoong for... Stupid.

Mum was pissed off with the mechanic that always does the Peugeot.
And when Mum called Dad, he kept complaining about what not and not actually solving the problem.
As a third party listening in on their convo, you would think he seemed reluctant to come save his wife and daughter.

Mum wants to sell the Peugeot liao. Poor car.

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