Aug 4, 2006

The most pleasurable experience...

The most pleasurable moments...

1) in that tiny space of a lavatory is pooping (and peeing, if you must).

2) when driving that little manual of a Kancil, err... Kancil of a manual. No, little
Kancil with a manual transmission is when I'm driving smoothly.
*With no idiots honking at the back*

3) when I'm playing with Mr. Cheeto is when we cuddle/snuggle.

4) when playing the gig is when I get all the right chords and really feel it.

5) during the Ker family reunions are the jokes that the Ker sisters crack.
*clean and dirty*

6) when watching The Break Up is when I realized how people are taken for granted.

7) when looking at a tank of fishes is when you observe their behaviours and see that
they act just like a society. They aren't boring.
*Btw, the ginormous fish in SDC's tank is gone.*

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