Aug 16, 2006

Are You Fit To Be A Journalist? Huh huh?!

Today was our first News Writing & Reporting in Print Media class.
Mr. NWR's our lecturer. Again. He taught us Organizational Communication last semester.

Mr. NWR's a part-time lecturer in KDU. He works full-time at The Star.
Check out his articles here.

So, he gave us this paper to show us that as journalists. we have to know things and what is news-worthy.

1) Which airport was recently the target of a foiled terrorist plot?

2) What was the final blow that led to the tension between our present Prime Minister and our former Prime Minister?

3) The United Nations has brokered a truce to end heavy fighting between ______ and _______ in ________.

4) The Malay movie, currently showing in local cinemas, has created some controversy because of several steamy scenes. What is the name of the movie?

5) Who won the Best Actress award at the recent Malaysian Film Festival? Her speech created some controversy. Why?

6) Who is the former England captain that was dropped from the team after failing to lead England to victory at the recent World Cup?

7) Who is the deputy head of UMNO Youth?

8) This US Secretary of State attended the ASEAN summit in K uala Lumpur recently. Who is she?

9) Who is the star of the hit musical Puteri Gunung Ledang?

10)Who is her husband and what portfolio does he hold in the Malaysian Cabinet?

11) Name three Cabinet ministers and state their portfolios.

12) List two highlights that will take place at the highly anticipated wedding between Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K.

13) Half an hour after being crowned the new Miss Universe, Miss ______ Zuleyka Mendoza ______ at the press conference.

14) Suri is the name of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's child. Right?

15) Name two leaders of the G8 summit.

16) Who triumphed at the recent Akademi Fantasia 4?

17) Two Malaysian universities are now being led by women Vice Chancellors, which are they?

18) Which university became the centre of racial tension when it was found to be using a textbook that was inaccurate?

Just now right, I did a search on Mr. NWR, guess what I found?

Mr. NWR is the son of Professor Dato' XXX.
Dato' X is one of the co-authors of the Rukun Negara ok...

At one point during the class, he was talking about how Siti Nurhaliza's wedding with Datuk K was such a big news here when objectively, it shouldn't.
He took today's Sun newspaper and showed us an article about Siti.

Lo and behold, Keith (Paris Hilton and gossip dude) screamed : "Paris Hilton!!"
A Paris Hilton ad was on the other side of Siti's article.

Bwahahahaha.... yes it's funny.


Jasonmumbles said...

Rubin Khoo... Wicked cool. I miss that guy!

sleepycarrot said...

So did you manage to answer ALL the questions CORRECTLY?

Gzhang said...

OMG. THAT Rubin Khoo? hahahahaha. Small world betul. His mum was our infamous accounts teacher. And I know no.9! Tiara jacquelina! Cos i went to see PGL last saturday..Check out me bloggie for further details!

cheahwey said...

Jason: Why'd you miss him? Brats?

Roberta: You think I can get all correct ar? Thank you ya... I got around 12 correct ar... Something like that.

GZ: Yalor. I wouldn't have thought we were linked that way.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I knew it!!!!!!111

Jasonmumbles said...

Yeah, brats! :D

sleepycarrot said...

Swt... I got only 12-10 correct. Do your math. Kakaka...