Jul 5, 2006

The one time where I was a Banana

A college friend of mine, Jess, thought i didn't speak chinese.

In the little girl's room 3rd floor.

*Jess and another friend, Vivian talking in chinese*

and suddenly she asked,

Jess:"Do you know how to speak chinese?"



Vivian:"wo gen ni jiang o, zhe ge ren spm hua yu na A wor."
(i tell you ar, this girl got an A for her spm chinese.)

Jess:"*laughs* zhe ge jiao, dont judge a book by its cover."

the convos not important. whats important is that someone thought i couldnt speak chinese. Ive always wanted to pretend i didnt speak chinese. but this time i didnt unconsciously.

so well. back to work.


sleepycarrot said...

I'd probably have thought you're more of the Englishy-Englishy type of person too if I never knew you. Hahaha.

cheahwey said...

Haha what to do? Chinese not good enough.

-Littlenicky- said...

haha..then liddat ppl see me straight away make the judgement oso lo...haha...
but i still dun get it..how could i not have the chinese-ed look?

cheahwey said...

You dont look chinese cuz your papa and mama's genes punyer combination equals not-so-chinese-look.

Anonymous said...

haha heong jiu yan