Jul 20, 2006

The one that became desperate

I'm only in my 2nd day of holidays and I'm bored out of my wits!!

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Roberta, have you asked your flen yet?






Super duper bored.

*lisp* Super duper bored. *end lisp*

Go watch Punk'd videos on Youtube.com

Watch The 70's Show Bloopers too.


sleepycarrot said...

Asked edi... But I forgot to remind him... LOL. Will try to get to you ASAP! Patience ya... Hehe...

cheahwey said...

*gasp* You *gasp* may be my *gasp* only hope. *gasp* Pleeeaassee.... *gasp* *gasp*

Director:"Aaand CUT! That's a wrap!"

-Hwey's assistants rushes up to her-

Hwey:"All that gasping almost made me choke."

Assistant 1:"Should I get your water?"


The insanity... The boredom...
The above dialogue proves it.

sleepycarrot said...

Suggestion: K.O.C?

cheahwey said...

I played that... Games that concern armies and barracks dont appeal to me...

I'm a person who prefers peace you see.

I'll live through the remaining 3 weeks....
Now, I need to look for that hula hoop...

sleepycarrot said...

Guess what? Guess what? Am gonna get the NFSMW DVD back real soon! I'll pass it to your bro this Thurs if he's fetching me k? SO be patient for the meantime. ^.^

cheahwey said...