Jul 27, 2006

I hate holiday trips

What does, the Merlion;


Lee Hsien Loong;


and XiaXue,


have in common?

That's right kids!

They're all in Singapore!

So what's this fuss about?

I'm going to Singapore!

BUT.. *sfx: tape stopping*

I'll be gone for around 4-5days and Cheeto won't get his motherly love which includes treats, snuggles, coming-out-of-the-cage sessions, and more importantly, company.

It's damn long ok... and I know I've complained about it like a hundred times. But really, everytime I come back from somewhere, he's always got more ill than when I left him.

HK trip: He got thinner. Like sibeh thin ok...
Some other trip, cant remember name: He got a scab or something.

And recently he's been losing weight for some unknown reason... Lost 5gs liao. Still maintaining at 60g right now.
And he's losing fur on both his legs...

5 days, cooped up in that damn cage... you like meh?
I should've gotten him a bin cage. Stupid.


Cultural night this Saturday.

Can't wait.


-Littlenicky- said...

haha have fun dude.. singapore damn sien...especially now sale season over liao..hahhah

cheahwey said...

I dunno whether we still going anot la..
She one two days ago only found out that sale over...