Jun 14, 2006

The time where stupid people filled my day

The title signifies the beginning of the new "The time where..." series of titles.

Yesterday, my bro almost got parang-ed by some chinese dude.
But then again, you won't know what that guy really wanted to do with the parang.

So he parked his car in this spot where a tree had fallen and still wasn't cleared off yet.
After class at 3pm, he went to the car to leave. Then this chinese dude uncle-age came scolding him in cantonese with "nei sek mm sek dook shooee gar", "yau mou dook gor shooee ar" that kind. --> "You know how to read wan anot?"
And that uncle went on to scold "You didnt see the red line ar?!" and the likes.
So my brother didn't care about him (as if he didnt see him) and got into the car and drove off.

Then he stopped not too far away from the guys (uncle and gang) and went down to check if the car was scratched or anything. He saw another man coming with a parang so he got in the car and was going to drive off but he had to balance the car and whatnot. The parang-wielding-man then proceeded to knock on the window shouting "nei toong ngor choot lei!!" (Get out now!!) Then my bro drove off.

What I have to say to him is:
1. That must've been a frightful experience.
2. You are so damn stupid.

Why stupid?

What for ignore the guy? Say you didnt see the line and apologize can lor?
Why did you stop so close by to check the car? You stupid wan is it?

And now I must also say, "Like father, like son."

Just this morning my mom was scolding my brother about being arrogant and ignorant and about his stupid move.

Then she mentioned about the same thing happening to my father which sounded kinda familiar like I've heard it before.

20 years ago when my parents just got married, they were in Old Klang Road or something, they were buying durians. Then my father asked the dude to open the durian then afterwards something something about deducting money then the dude not happy. *Im guessing my dad didnt want to pay after he asked the guy to open the durian.*

So the dude was pissed and my dad being arrogant or something, didnt want to pay like that. So my mom said:"kooi lor G ba dou zhooi lei lou dau leung tiu gai" (He held the parang/knife and chased your dad for two blocks). I don't know how it was settled though.

I think my dad and bro are stupid.

Since Im already dissing people, I might as well diss a group member in Organizational Communication.
Discussing things, got opinion then say la right... So i say lor.
I don't understand how they're seeing it and stuff... So debate debate...
I say halfway then interrupt me fine la... But keep on interrupting me for what?
And its that feeling where you get annoyed because of some people yet you cant explain why. Maybe the way she replies that's it.

In fact, our whole group is pretty much shit.
This girl from Korea, she doesnt seem like she's paying attention. Ct says during the meeting, she can't wait to go and stuff.



Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Because she remains silent the whole way during the meeting.. She's just not filled in abut what we're talking about.. probably don't understand.

The other group mate was trying to pass on her point because she felt that you didn't understand so she had to make it clear to you... maybe lar...

I have a natural tendency to speak defensively for the people involved but I still don't mean that they are right. Just to make it clear.

sleepycarrot said...

Waaa... Where did that incident happen ar??? I mean to your brother wan... Creepy.

Anyhow, when people are enraged, even 'sorry' won't process...

cheahwey said...

I dunno wor... He didnt say. Just said some place where a tree fell.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

At the carpark at the main building. Probably somewhere at the side of the carpark la..