Jul 1, 2006

The one with the best testimonial

-nicole- Posted 30/6/2006

u demand i proper testi. here's it!
Miss Yea Chea Hwey.
Born in year 1988, 4 months ahead of me...
i've known her since STANDARD TWO! thats like wow..10 Years!!
Not very close to her at that time, but i told her some of my stuff erm for like erm..countless times, which, she still remembers it right now n i dont. weird.
She has a twin sister, which appears to be my mum later in time hahahaha...
so, which means u'r now my aunt, my good fren n blah blah blah...
oh ya, knowing her sooo long, till standard 6 only i found out that she has a twin sister haha...
then, got close to both of them since form 1 till now, yea but i'm closer to hwey la of cuz kekeke..
superly obsessed n craze of sammi cheng.. i dunno why, but i prefer miriam yeung more lo..bluek!
but now i think not as bad as last time edi la, now, she's too concerntrated at her weird looking so-called cute hamster mr cheeto which apperently, lately, been dubbed by xxx becoming Prince Cheeto.
haha... **cont

see my testi damn long..haha
k where was i..erm..ya prince cheeto.
ya, u c her blog, her frenster pics n all, its all mr hamster... eh, how long have u known..edit edit, adopt him ar?? few months only lo... few months time n he's becoming more important than a 10 years long time great buddy like me!! UNFAIR!!! i jealous.. i envy..
i wanna murder tat hamster!!!! bluek =P
prince cheeto..hrph. i dun care, i wan be princess, dutchess, queen, dukess (hhmm wat u call female duke and dutch???), n erm.. lady-lord... n all the great title in the world!!!! bluek=P hahaha..
k k ...hwey is not taht bad. she still helps me out in some things wan.. haha..fetch me go here n go back home.. but i used to fetch u 2 home lo..hahaha...
k la k la.. i go home yak fan la.. stop here first, continue later haha..

::good buddy::nicole::

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-Littlenicky- said...

ahahahhha be patience. better testi on the way!!!!