Jun 8, 2006

Cheeto needs a title.

I was thinking about Cheeto Cheese, PhD, but it was too... common?

So, like all royals, he will be called,

His Royal Majesty, Cheeto Prince Kingston Cheese a.k.a. "Harry" a.k.a. "Romeo".

Yam cha-ed with Choobs, SiokWah, SimAi, Nicole, Edwin today.

*Everything fastforwarded to when Choobs, Nicole, Edwin, Twins were about to leave SS2*

Choobs parked his car at the mamak area opposite the police station. So when we got there, the tables and chairs were set up around his car and cars were parked around the area that it actually locked us in.

We moved the tables and chairs and choobs reversed but still cant get out cuz the cars blocking ma right...
So coincidentally, a dude that sat at a table nearby knew the owner of the car that was in our way so he called him and stuff. Then in the meantime we arranged the tables back la. So the guy came and moved his car and then the mamak keeper dude said:"tak payah, tak payah." I think he thought we were a nuisance actually. But yes, we were. So yes, that was pretty much the highlight of the day.

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