May 19, 2006

The Procrastinator Strikes Again!

As I am typing this, I am also researching for an assignment and maintaning my KOL & MR accounts.

So, CT and I watched Da Vinci Code on Thursday. Initially, we were concerned about GSC staff questioning our age, since we are honest people after all. *A-hem*

Now the cruel reality of capitalism is, profit will always be their top priority. (Not that I'm complaining.)
So to our relieve, we got the tickets without much hindrance.

I was definitely excited before the movie because I'd forgotten what happened in the book. If you have read the book, it would kill the excitement and anticipation. But do pay attention to the CGs and music.

One thing I'd like to comment about the ads shown in the theater was the Visa ad, if my memory serves me right, of Richard Gere. Now don't get me wrong, it's nothing about the ad. It's just how culture and belief tells us things that have no substantial scientific proof whatsoever. It's not even empirical. For example, sacrifices. But, whatever. It's not like I have a religion. I don't know nuts.

*fastforward later in the day*

SiokWah, SimAi, EeWan, NgarTian came over after their orientation in UTAR.


NgarTian & EeWan left, leaving SimAi and SiokWah.


SiokWah and SimAi watching TV.


I don't know how the topic popped up, but SiokWah was so excited about staying over at my place and going out afterwards. They went home and was gonna come over but we ended up going out to yum cha and then came back again.

After that, we cam whored for a few hours; doing the same pose (and trying different ones too) until all of us were satisfied. I call us, The Cam-Whoring Bitches.

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Today, SiokWah, SimAi, NgarTian, CT & I watched Over The Hedge.
Not a WOW movie, but try to interpret the message its sending. Makes you wanna become a hippy.


Jason said...

My sis didn't join you all?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

She's back in Tampin wert... with grandpa..

Jasonmumbles said...

is it??? -sweat-