May 22, 2006


I was bored... and was inspired to draw something.

And most of all, I felt and still feel, pissed, stressed, furious (maybe not so, but still...), tired (emotionally) and whatever.

Unless I'd like to make myself feel better, I can say:
"And once again, I'm here to save the day. Finish up everything and fix everything."

And a evil little voice inside of me says:
"Then the sole creator of the work should be YOU!! JUST YOU!"

And another much nicer voice inside of me says:
"No. They contributed too."

And the evil little voice retorts:
"But she did most of the work!"

And then, a scuffle broke out.

And whatever.


I need a puppy to make me happy....

And remember to click the link. MusicRivals Link. I seem to be doing not so good in terms of cd sales.

I'm gonna put a title in front of my name.
Y.B.T., Hwey

You Bow To Hwey.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Aiyo.. HweyHwey... you should believe me when I say you are farnie.

sleepycarrot said...