May 15, 2006

Comicality got the better of me.

Cheeto has just escaped from his confinement. He looks left and then right, checking to see if there was a soul in sight.

In pure darkness, he sneakishly made his way towards the power station of Gimungous Prison.

He stops and remembers a cirucuit camera being installed a few feet away. He inches his way forwards, searching for the cable of the circuit camera and slowly rewires it.

He has trained long and hard under pitch black situations that it took him just under 45 seconds to rewire the cables.

Alas! He has reached the power station -- the source that feeds electricity into this Gimungous monster of a Prison, 24 hours a day.

The main cable, fondly known as PeeWee by The Management, channels the power into different sectors of Gimungous Prison. Destroying that would guarantee a power outage of 15 minutes. Short, but enough to escape; The Management had an elite team of electricians. The best the country had to offer. With that in mind, he starts nibbling.

What was unknown to Cheeto was that sensors were installed in PeeWee because reindeers have been chewing and peeing on it, nearly causing power outages.

As he nibbled through PeeWee, an alarm went off. One so loud that it alarmed Cheeto, himself and everybody else in the vicinity of Gimungous Prison.

Shocked, he scurries toward the exit; a hole he dug with his little paws that led to a clearing in the forest.

Out of no where, as if the Sun had fallen to earth, he was blinded by bright lights; surrounded by Gimungous Prison Guards. Panting and perspiring, he runs to the left, and to the right, trying to evade them.

Alas alas, he was caught by the Mother of Gimungous Prison. The BHO -- Big Hairless One.

Cheeto knew this was the end; that he was doomed to an eternity of cuddles and daily cooing from the BHO as he screamed:"No! No! Get away from me!"

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sleepycarrot said...

Eek! So adorable!!!