Apr 3, 2006

The Veronicas. Me likey.

Straight to the point: I like The Veronicas.

Why: I don't know.

Could it be: Because they're twins, we can relate?

But: Their songs are really catchy.

What else: They're cute. Funny I guess.

Anymore: Lisa's dating Ryan Cabrera?

Can you differentiate them: Yes.

Anything interesting/funny about them: Well, I remember one very clearly. From a video I saw, Lisa, the younger twin said Jess was more bossy because, she's one minute older, one inch taller, one kilo lighter... *She thinks...* Jess cuts in and says, smarter. Oh what the heck, the video.

Windows Media Player
56k 100k 300k

Its 1/2way through I guess.

That is all. :)


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

you know, i wanted to tell the blog world that i'm currently into some bands and artistes now... but, what's the point?

When you introduce their song, people won't buy their albums or whatever... they download.... so indirectly, we're encouraging.

From then on, I've learned not to share something you like anymore that would lead to not happy stuff. Especially music.

No offense to anyone who took it the wrong way.

:: cream dream :: said...

I love them too! and am attracted to them too. haha