Apr 13, 2006

A lil update on our favourite hamsters!

Just two nights ago, Chunky bit me.
I have no idea why though.

Cheeto's big fat butt was resized to a smaller one. Thankfully.
But his sides are furless. He's starting to get somewhat bald. Starting to lose fur it seems. But not rapidly. Asked doc about it the last time I went to the vets, it wasn't mites, but didn't know what it was either. Asked me not to worry.

Yep, nothing much.
The week just came and go.

And I'm a bloody billionaire in MusicRivals!

Did you all remember to click the link??

I'm currently first in my genre *whoopee* and 24th overall.
So a click would really help...

All right. Ciao.


sleepycarrot said...

Eh I didn't realise this post existed. Oops.

Eek! So poor thing la that Cheeto. Hmm... Any idea why Chunky bit you in the end? My hamseys are starting to become ganas too...

cheahwey said...

She seems very tensed. Almost every night...

Actually, come to think of it, it was more of a nibble. Not a soft nibble though.