Apr 16, 2006

Life has never been so uneventful.

With the exception of today. And only today.

Had a date with Siok Wah and Tee Yoong in One U for Lucky Number Slevin.

In fact, it was my first time watching an 18 and above film in a cinema.
Glad the movie was good.

After movie what we do?
Tee Yoong said Stefanie Sun would be coming to One U for her Meet The Fans session wor. So we waited for her lor.

The thing (supposedly) starts at 3pm. But these things never do start on time. But she was late for like... one hour plus ar?

We talked to HuiHan... asked if she had a chair we could stand on... for a better view of YanZi... But Timberland takde chair. How can? Even Romp got lar... What's Timberland doing?? Haha... anyway.

Bumped into a few friends from college... but it was very awkward. Don't know what made it that way. Other than that... yeah.

Having dinner in TGI's tomorrow for mom's belated birthday celebration.
Shoot... should've bought her something... Damn it.

Till then.

Life really is uneventful... Currently.