Apr 21, 2006

I did a bad thing today...

I rode on a bike without helmet!!

Haha... funny or not?

Group members of Socio were having discussion in a friend's house. So after that want to go home, I asked another friend to give me a short ride for kicks. It was fun!

Plus, it was a good bonding session with fellow group members!
How delightful it was.

Oh yeah, they ordered McD for lunch and was expecting it to arrive within 30mins but it turned out to be a 1 and a half hour wait.

Don't know what went wrong la but then they called back 4-5 times to ask and stuff. The McD operator asked them to wait 5-10 more mins and then another time said they will call SS2 punyer McD and find out what's wrong. But they never called back.
So they decided to cancel the order. In fact, the dude or dudette at the other end of the line was somewhat fed up according to friend.

But waddaya know? The guy came a minute after they cancelled the order.
They got their food. But the fries were already soggy... And the Strawberry ice cream was crap.

Real great service McD people... *Note the sarcasm*

Oh yeah, remember the dog that gets 'abandoned' for hours at the junction without food and water?

This morning, my maid saw it across the street at the house where the lady who has cats lives. The dog was eating some rice that the lady left out for either the cats or the dog.

This time the dog didn't have a chain around its neck. It doesn't look as emaciated as before and its coat was kinda nice.
But then again, it was a distance from where I was standing. You can never be too sure.

But then Sri Damai, I think, was having a cross country so I think the dog got scared and ran. Poor pup. Didn't even get to finish the rice. I dread to think what happens to him at 'home'...

And then. Surprise, surprise. Guess who I saw in KDU this morning at the circle of the main gate?

None other than, LEUNG CHUI TENG!!

She wants to switch to A Levels wor...

I said: "Why don't you go to HELP?"
CT: "You fetch me there la..."

So, as we can clearly see, HELP has lost a prospective top scorer.

I was gonna do a, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." but decided otherwise.

Right. Ciao. Vets tomorrow. Cheeto has a patch of what seems to be blood under his skin thing. Just a hunch.


sleepycarrot said...

How come she suddenly aje wanna change??? Eh, HELP's not that far from Chui Teng's house wei...

cheahwey said...

That's why...
She's like, in the middle of both colleges.

But then again, yesterday CT told my CT that maybe she's not going to KDU.

sleepycarrot said...

Haha CT told your CT...

Oh. Then where did she say she might go???

cheahwey said...

CT didn't say. My CT that is.