Mar 18, 2006

What to put here?

I'm attending a wedding later in the evening. My cousin... no wait... yeah... my cousin uncle's wedding in Shah Alam.

Has anybody ever wondered if you might meet someone you know at the wedding. Like you're related to the groom, which I am, and the person you meet is related to the bride? Or not.

If yes, join the club!!!
It means you're bored out of your wits!!!
Heh... stupid joke, but nonetheless true ok...

Also, I recorded a video of Chunky Cheese! yesterday night because Chunky Cheese! doesn't have any videos of himself.
He was such a good boy. Held still for me to take snapshots later too.

CT, to get a code for a calender is easy. Look around only ma...

1 comment:

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

That's the whole damn thing!! I looked and still can't find any...

And can you please tell me how long do the google ppl take to review your web for adsense? They are taking too bloody long.... hmmmm.. maybe I use a lot of blardies, damn, and etc... but mou lei yao ar... you worst than me you also can get... hor??