Mar 9, 2006


We aced our presentation on Unemployment Among Fresh Graduates!!

I'd say we were the best group for the essay part. Yep. (Excuse the proudness ;) )

"Everything I wanted to ask, was answered."
That's what Ms. Peggy, our lecturer said.

We were doing a presentation on Problem Solving ma, then she would ask questions based on our causes, solution, effects and stuff.


You know how hard we worked on that anot?!
Basically, the whole essay was written by CT and I.

I'm so very glad that we got a thumbs up for that.
If I didn't get a compliment for that, I would've slapped myself silly.

When I was doing that assignment, I got so frustrated, I said,
"I've always been fixing other people's grammer and I don't want to do it anymore."
And I've noticed, I seem to be doing a lot more than others when it comes to assignments during secondary (I think).

I remember the physics project we had to do, in F4. Bloody hell, I stayed up until 4 or 5 to redo the whole bloody project because the previous one, compiled by everyone sucked.
In the end, Pn. Rema said the other project (the one i did) was better.

Like, why is it always like that?

CT, you agree with me anot?! Always like that right?????

Damn it! I hate myself.

I think I wanna yell...
Damn it.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Hey, I blogged about that too!! I didn't even check your blog first!!

But what dungu wouldn't brag about that.. It's something to be proud of and we must tell the world!!!!!!

During secondary, (I think lar)you were always assigned to groups with people like xxxxxxx in it, people that don't do work lar..

Even if they did, they aren't serious, so they just simply find info and slap it onto paper and say,"Okie, that's what I got. You guys go on and work on it."

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

-_- does dat suppose to end up in ur comment box?

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Why not? She asked for my comment mar...

sleepycarrot said...

Eh go post your essay la.

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

not u teing.. da links i meant

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

What links? The 'your' fella ke?

Look, Hwey. You're being spammed.

cheahwey said...

To hell with them spammers. I'll just delete them.
You guys just don't go and click them links.

If it looks safe, google it or yahoo it. Last time that juicy fruit fella went to lotsa ppl's blogs and posted the same msg.