Mar 12, 2006

Took Cheeto to the vet today.

That little dude very the prone to bacteria infection lar.

Last time jabbed him liao, now jab again. Poor baby.

Its his epididymis that's infected.

Friday and Saturday got pass oozing out from his... what-cha-call-it... look like belly button wan... Aiya, the opening where his penis comes out from. Damn huge man his testicles. *sweat*

Chunky may be a girl after all. But not sure lar. For now, he's still a he.
Gotta take him to vet for sexing first.

Going HK adi right, no one take care of my babies. Poor lil souls...
No one in this family loves them I tell you.

Screw them all!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Yo... I've nothing against them ok?

They're just too light to play with...especially whne they run on my leg...

And even if we loved them(let's say), we still can't bring them along on the flight... RIGHT???

Kai Xi, would you do the honours? or Roberta?

Volunteer la....

cheahwey said...

Im not asking for ppl to take care of them.

Whatever it is, it all comes down to one thing. No one cares about them. Except sean who helps take them to the vet.

You all dont wanna touch them like they're some kind of disease. Your parents are even worse. Whatever mum said about liking animals, dogs and shit, when it comes to having one at home, me taking them to the vet causes such a fuss.