Apr 1, 2006

I hate you

Previously planned rock climbing trip didn't happen. Why? Because siblings weren't interested. So the hope of one happy family going together is now never gonna happen.

If I ever wanna rock climb, I'm going with friends. They can sit at home and gain 10 more pounds.

People say they arent fit so they dont wanna go. I hate this excuse the most. It's bullshit basically. Whatever.

Everytime I try to organize something, either they dont turn up, or they're not interested. Seriously sick and tired of rejection.
Do I have to beg you to actually spend time together?


If anybody's going, call me.

Days available:
Monday - after 3pm
Tuesday - after 4pm
Wedneday - after 1pm
Thursday - after 10am
Friday - after 4pm
Saturday and Sunday - after I wash Chunky Cheese and Cheeto Cheese's cages.



Deng said...

If you say "one happy family", shouldn't that be inclusive of your parents as well???

I already told you before that you could've gone with friends rather than family right!!!?!? bugger..

cheahwey said...

Its not wrong to want to go with your siblings... Faggot.

:: cream dream :: said...

calm down..and try to work things out..there are many ways to it. I wanna go though. pls, do urm, plan things..with urm, me, if ..possible..sigh. anyways, :)

sleepycarrot said...

Wa.. You two argue here like that ar... I wonder what's going on behind the screen. Girls, let's settle this rationally...

I wanna go rock climbing!!! But have to wait some time before I'll be able to... A lot of $$$ flying away this month... Huhu...