Mar 30, 2006

30 March

Today, I talked to a classmate of mine, who was a classmate of mine in kindergarten and primary school.

Get it?

Her name is Cho Cheng. (Cho Cheng, Cho Cheng, Cho Cheng, Cho Chang, Cho Chang, Cho Chang)She was a PTS student lar, so after Std 3 then we didn't see each other for 8 years. Today in Public Speaking Class, we had a lil ice breaking session. Until CT's turn to speak up only I stared/looked at her. Then she looked back at me.
And a sequence of sign language was exhanged.

Class over, we exchanged a few words. Then nothing. Very awkward. So very awkward.

Ok, that was fine.

Did I mention there are quite a number of Samadians in KDU? Most of them are Mass Comm and Business students.

Other than Cho Cheng, I also met another primary school friend. He's also a twin. Daryl, he's name. I first met him during Tmn Sea's campfire 2-3 years ago.

So today, after class, Jeat Yieng, CT and I decided to go to 1U. We watched Ice Age 2. It was ok. I dont hate it or anything. But the plot was very cliché.

After that, we met Ngar Tian. She's working in Salabianca (I think its spelt that way). Then JY left.

Ct and I had lunch, walk walk... Paid HuiHan a visit in Timberland... walk walk... went to Camp5 to ask about the prices... walk walk... almost pierced ear... but didnt... walk walk... go home.

Note that that was just a summary of my day.
CT and I actually walked for 5 hours in 1U with nothing to do. Wanted to wait for brother to pick us up mar...

And when we were in 1U, we met a bunch of our coursemates. 3-4 bumps... (bumping into each other punyer 'bump').

I dont know. Im very tired...

Mum went to Japan.
Tomorrow gotta go to school earlier. Around 730 or earlier to be specific. Brudder got class at 8... Our class is at 10. Definately sucks.

I think I'll go rock climbing on Saturday.

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