Feb 10, 2006

She's crazy.

My bro's girlfriend dunno apa hal, 2am like that call house phone oh!

We have one phone in my mum's room, one in the hall that rings really loud and a portable in my bro's room (not rightfully his, but he keeps there most of the time).

Finally, my mum comes out and scold him. Then, "scold" me (I was using com).

Like, what the hell is wrong with her?
Not 1st time lor.

Little random note: Pn.Bong cut her hair.

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Click pic.

A really good looking Avril.
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Another of her looking really cool on a guitar. (I never look cool on a guitar. :sad:)
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Reminder: I don't know if you guy's ever noticed. But, most of my pics are hyperlinks.


Jason said...

LOL. Kesian. Makan kucing mati.

What's her blog site?

cheahwey said...

Click picture