Feb 28, 2006

Save the cows!

If you haven't sign the SPCA Petition, go sign it. Link is on the left.
Get your parents, siblings, uncle, aunties, teachers, teachers' family, friends, friend's friend, strangers, the janitor to sign it.

From the video, I really do find that Chinese, Muslims, Egyptians, whatever, and like, some of the third world countries are really idiots when it comes to animal welfare.

Westerners actually have more compassion for animals than most of these people.

Australia Suspends Live Exports to Egypt in Wake of Shocking Investigation

This weekend, as a result of an investigation conducted by PETA and Animals Australia, Australia’s most popular current-affairs show, 60 Minutes, aired a shocking exposé of Australia’s live-export industry and the fate of cows and sheep who are shipped to Egypt for slaughter. The investigation report confirms animal advocates’ claims that the government and industry have been paying lip service to the idea of animal welfare and have allowed animals to suffer in countries with no animal welfare standards whatsoever. In response to the investigation, the Australian government has suspended live-animal exports to Egypt.

We found appalling abusesworkers stabbed animals in the eyes, slashed their tendons, and cut under their tails—all without any painkillers—before finally slitting their throats while they were still conscious. The Australian government and the live-export industry have previously claimed that this slaughterhouse was a model and have held it up as a success story. Watch the 60 Minutes story and see the “success” for yourself.

From, Save the Sheep! > Australia Suspends Live Exports to Egypt in Wake of Shocking Investigation

I don't know if you people actually read my posts under animal cruelty, but if you don't, don't you think you should?

Forget about, " We can't do anything about it,", "But meat tastes good," or What to do?"
You can stop eating meat and actually live a little more healthier.

In fact, I was appalled by what Mr.K and Jason said about the KFC cruelty post.
Like, wtf, we may be carnivors (and herbivors), but c'mon, they are being slaughtered so we can eat them. It's not like we have to depend on their flesh to survive is it? What happened to vegetables?


YiDA aLL tHe WaY... said...

Like what a dalai/lamma/buddhist monk said, "I don't eat meat that died for me."

YiDA aLL tHe WaY... said...

Can I watch it without downloading the IE6?

cheahwey said...

We already have IE6. Just watch it with IE.

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

wut ?? me?? cruel?!~~i luv animals more than u eat ..coz they're delicious.."it's finger lickin gud"haha jk la

Ryan and Katie said...

First a 'vegetable' scandal, now a meat issue...

Gruesome..... as though animals have no sense of pain.


Hotboy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't eat dead animals. Hotboy