Feb 18, 2006

Been to the Vets and I'm smiling.

Turns out GirlGirl was a BoiBoi.

I know some people have been telling me that GirlGirl was a BoiBoi. But hey, I wasn't too sure myself.

The solid thingy at 'her' package was 'his' testicles. But thank goodness I went to the vets, there was a buldge on top of one of his testicles which could be an infection.

The vet SUNTIK him!! Saya m'ya hati sakit tau... But then, he was a good boy... He didn't squeak. Other than that, he was always trying to squirm out of grip.

The vet said most people bring in the hamsters all half dead like that. *laughs*
Funny... although mean. In a way. *laughs*

Then she, vet is a she, gave new found BoiBoi some vitamins. It's called er... MultiVit I think. Like multi vitamins lar.

SO.... That means it's not cancer.... JOY!!

And all that only costs 28.

SO... GirlGirl is now Prince I. The original non cetak rompak BoiBoi is Prince II.

The medicine she suntik-ed into him was supposed to make him sleep right?
I could obviously see that he was sleepy but was trying hard not to sleep. He ran the wheel, ran to one side, then the other, stopped, eyes closing, closed, went to the other side, and so the cycle continues. So try hard sial...

And to those who keep asking me to put them together, I'd do it if you did it. If you're a girl, go find yourself a girl and make love. If you're a guy, go do the same thing. Then find out more about hamsters then come and talk to me.

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sleepycarrot said...

Wow. GirlGirl turning out to be BoiBoi. That's like me calling my female hamster Jasper.

Anyway, I've got my blog rolling again. Can't seem to get away from it. Haha.

Oh. And I didn't know your bro was in HELP... Dance Club some more... How come I you all so different wan ar?