Jan 5, 2006

Tired lar...

Today was a long day.

So, random thoughts from today.

  • I could've had Thursdays off, but NO, I had to have 2 tutorial classes with a three hour gap with nothing to do.
  • Everyone knows everyone in my class.
  • There's this guy Keith who looks like Trent from Pink Is The New Blog(http://trent.blogspot.com). He also likes gossips and is definitely a girl's best friend.
  • There's Shu Yin whose an ex-scout from Taman Sea.
  • There's Nusrad from Robita's year. She goes rock climbing wan leh. So cool.
  • There's Jeannie who does... stuff. Her right brow is pierced. She dances.
  • There's Benette, the very nice and outgoing one. Also the one who've appeared in almost all media mediums.
  • There's Brian, who can sing very very well. He sang Kau Ilhamku today in class.
  • There's Grace who reminds me of Siok Wah.
  • There's Mun Yi from Hong Kong.
  • There's CeCe, Mong Yue & Shan Shan from China. CeCe's a Beauty Queen. I mean, really. She won some title I can't remember.
  • Today, Ct & I spent our 3 hours walking to KFC. Ate, walked around Atria. Walked back to KDU. Saw Armand on the way. He's taking Mass Comm too. Went to cafeteria to stone for the remaining hours.


sleepycarrot said...

Robita's year, huh? Haha.

cheahwey said...

Cute anot? Cute hor...

Your avatar very dark lar...

:: cream dream :: said...

stop stoning u guys!! remembered deng told me not to stone..