Feb 1, 2006

One of those mushy moments.

I, the family and I, spent the whole afternoon in Klang & Cheras today. We visited mum's relatives who we haven't seen in years.

We visited my granduncle; mum's father's brother, (sook-gong) & grandaunt (sook-poh). Then we visited their daughter; my aunt; mum's cousin (biew-yi). Nice house. After that, we visited, my eldest uncle (dai-kau-foo). He got high blood pressure. After that, we visited my grandaunt; mum's mother's sister (sei-goo-poh). Quite young leh. I also met the biew-kau-foo that was once thin and has now grown bigger. My mum and aunts call him... An-Jit. Canto for small? Tiny? Thin? You know.

I was just inspired to make a family tree. Excuse me.

But first, let me get to my point.
We had dinner together after all those visits. It was fun and I love my aunts. Ciao.

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YiDa aLL tHe WaY... said...

you missed out your ku-poh (paternal)..and your other biew-yees who were in the same house.

And the last house we visited.. we don't call her ku-poh ler... it's sei-yee-poh or something like that....definitely not a 'ku'.. she's maternal side mar...