Jan 16, 2006

Long time no see.

*stretch* Feeling tired these few days lar...

Even though (I just found out that "even though" is actually two words!) I haven't been updating right, I still think about you, my lil bloggie...
I make a mental note to update when something happens in campus, but I forget.

Today, I spent like RM10 or more for lunch and miscellaneous crap. Ct & I had Delifrance. Yum...
We had the ar... Seafood Delight. Wasai, it was delicious wei.
Talking about Delifrance, did you know, YanQin's working as a trainee in Delifrance SS2?

We saw another dead cat on the road today. Its head was crushed.

AND, me aunt from Indonesia is here to stay for CNY!! The last time she stayed for CNY, she gave us RM30 for angpao's. May she be blessed with good fortune and share it with us during CNY! *hint hint* *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Feel like everyone's been slipping away liao... Was reminded of this when I read YeangShin's blog. They spend so much time together.
Life just ain't the same anymore without those people...

And then hor, whenever MayLing talks to me, I would think that she's HuiLing. I tell you ar, it's that JayChou's fault lar. 2-3 times liao eh!

*Note to self: I should try watching a movie alone*

I've attended half of the required hours for the maintenance class and soon, I'm gonna learn how to drive. So fast lar. And then like no time machiam tu.
Must enjoy kau kau during CNY!

I've been thinking. How come some jantans have to be so perverted? See girls walking on the street also want to flirt (I think flirt ain't the word here. "Kacau"?).
Last Friday, CT & I was walking to an overhead bridge a distance away from the campus, and some fucker 'liu'-ed us. It wasn't like we were wearing skimpy clothing. Anyway, I flipped him the finger. But I couldn't see who culprit was anyway. Next time I'll ask them to fuck someone else. Like, their mother? *Lightning shall strike me when it rains.*
I asked JeatYieng before whether she's experienced this, and she said no. Like, WTF?


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

It's Seafood D'sire..and don't blame Mr Chou for your own mistakes larrrrrr!!

cheahwey said...

I really don't have something called "memory" don't I?

:: cream dream :: said...

sigh hehe..