Jan 27, 2006

CNY.... again

Happy CNY!

Anyway, I really hate leaving the house during festive sesasons. It means my babies have no one to take care of them. Just the both of them, all alone in the dark.

*Hujan ah, tu lipas bosan m'ya, main main lar... baby manyak-manyak... haha*
-I just had to say that.-

I feel so happy when I have flashbacks of my babies and me eating Gardenia's Raisin Toast bread thing together. So warm and fuzzy. All three of us were eating the same thing, at the same time, at the same place ok?! So cute!

3 days ago (Tuesday), after my final paper, I went for my remaining 3 hour maintenance class. What I learned was: I don't know much about the engine. I wasn't hyped about driving. I wonder why. I almost caused an accident, although the chances of it hapenning was small. I need to learn to control the clutch and whatnot properly. Learn more about dos & don'ts of the road test. Sharpen my skills. With someone's car.

These days machiam nothing happening. Nothing to blog about. This'll probably turn into a "musings" blog or something.

So this year going Tampin or staying in PJ leh?

Fact about lil ol' me:
The one thing I hate when roaming the forums, is newbies resurrecting dead posts. As dead as a year ago. It's so annoying when you have to scroll through junk when you click "View New Posts". It uses up the site's bandwidth anyway.
Newbies not very considerate hor?
But what do I do when I'm faced with this situation? More like what DID I do.
I refrain(ed) from saying anything. The next few days I see/saw it again, and I PM(ed) the admin.
Of course I didn't bitch about said newbie. Instead, I proposed a solution to the problem. How thoughtful... :grin:

I feel fat right now. CNY is like tomorrow or some shit. And then the week long holiday. Week long is it? I forgot liao lar. All the food. Shit.
Yes! That's it! I've gotta SHIT! After all the delicious, scrumptious food, LoO here I come!!

CNY Resolution:
Drink more water. Exercise more often. Take good care of myself. Don't spend so much money. Remember ppl's birthdays. Actually remember something, not make a mental note and forget about it later. Be a better person.

Come one, come all! Come play some games for all!
Shockwave.com Games
I especially liked the racing games.

Hmm... a thought. I'm wondering if SaeWeng & PC still together anot?
Haha... so long never hear from them mar...


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

hey! I like what you wrote for your description. So funny... and you're more of a forum lurker.. that's wat they call it in PSO.

What's wrong with the GF?

cheahwey said...

Yeah, lurker... that's the word.