Jan 9, 2006

Argh!!! My eye!!

My eye has been in bloodshot mode for the past week.
Worst of all, my student card was taken when I had a red eye and the lighting was horrible. So I looked yellow and had tiny eyes. Bah...

Our seniors are having this photography exhibition this Wednesday to Friday, from 10am till 4pm somewhere in KDU.
(This is so not me) Come and take a look lar okay?

For our Intro to Mass Comm class, we're already having a quiz this Thursday. Damn quizzes.

Also ar, how come like nothing happening like that ar? Nothing to blog about liao.

Oh yeah. Mr. K, when you come and register in March, tell me ya? I have to run through a few more procedures. Classified. Don't ask me anything about it. *big grin*

And today's Intro to Mass Comm class, I made a big leap. *proud*
I went and present my group's definition of Mass Comm. *Deng deng deng*
A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step.

Today's 2 hour break was spent eating KFC and stoning.
BUT, our KFC outing was much more "interesting" lar I can say.
So CT & I was in Atria deciding on what to eat. We met Shu Xian and her friend, Wei Wah.

So we talked and then the guy said:"So, er, do you wanna join us for lunch?"

And then I said:"Err, won't we be bothering you guys?"

ShuXian:"No lar. We're just friends!"

I said:"Well, then I guess it's okay then."

Then blah blah blah, KFC it is.

So we're sitting down eating, and occasionally there's a conversation. Rather dull actually. Most of the time, it was WeiWah and I who was talking. You know, trying hard not to let the situation get awkward.

I asked him:"So who exactly are you? As in, your background? Or, something."

WeiWah says:
"Blah blah blah. Met ShuXian at the orientation. Taking Multimedia and Business/Finance. Blah blah blah."

*Starts taking off about Business and Finance*

"So I use my father's money."

"My father owns Nicole (the apparel). See this?" *Points at shirt brand*

"And this one." *tugs pants*

"My father owns the company. But gonna close down soon."

I asked:"Oh? Why ar?"

He said:"Sometimes rugi. Sometimes earn a bit. Blah blah blah. So I use my father's money."

*Fast forward*

Occasionally, I'd see ShuXian laughing silently, or smiling, actually, a bit of both, while WeiWah and I were talking.

So yadda yadda yadda, we went to get the car and then WeiWah got down to pay for the parking ticket at the auto-pay station.

ShuXian:"He's so weird!"

Me:"He talks funny."

CT:"Oh really? I thought he talks slow."

ShuXian:"He's like boasting about his father and the money."

CT:"I think he's trying to impress you lar."

ShuXian:"Really? What makes you say that? Don't want lar."

CT:"It's just instinct."

ShuXian:"Thank goodness I met you two."

And he came back.

As to how ShuXian ended up with him in Atria, I will try to reconstruct the convo with vague memories.

Me:"So how did you two end up together?"

ShuXian:"During class, he messaged me asking if I wanna meet up with him for lunch afterwards. I didn't reply for a long time. Then class over, I was at the coffee shops and he called. He asked me if I wanted to go Atria. Then I said,"So far? Follow you safe or not?" So in the end, I ended up with him."

Bah! I don't know why I'm saying this. Basically, we just met someone PRETTY weird.

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