Dec 5, 2005


What's wrong with you people??!!

You receive an email about an SPCA petition to the prime minister but you just delete it only lar right!!

Or you read it and only wonder what that thing is, but you delete it anyway!

Don't you read the newspapers??!! Don't you even bother to find out??!!

It's to enforce harsher penalties to scumbags who disregard their responsibility for their pets!

RM200 is not even a large sum! One night's jail time is just too short!

November 18, 2005. From:

The story about the fucking engineer who neglected his dog Sheena:

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Born seven years ago, Sheena was a beautiful German Shepherd who died recently. The hope and happiness of a puppy was dashed when Sheena ended up in the hands of an owner who failed to take care of her. Aside from neglecting her, Sheena’s owner decided to end her life in his old house, leaving no food and water for her “because she was already old”. When the Selangor Veterinary Services Department rescued her, she was found tied up, sleeping in her own faeces. Sheena had to be put to sleep, due to her malfunctioning organs caused by years of malnutrition.

Sheena stands for all the abused and neglected pets in Malaysia. The 21st century has sadly seen an increase in reported abuse of domestic animals in our nation. Many of these pets are returned to their owners after the case is investigated, and prosecution takes place. The Animal Ordinance 1953 has a maximum of RM200 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment as penalty for abusing an animal. In Sheena’s case, her owner admitted guilt, and was fined RM100, not even a quarter of the price of a German Shepherd puppy, and definitely not even close to the price of her precious life. Sheena must be remembered, so that other animals won’t suffer.

Please help us give a voice to the voiceless.

Please support our Remembering Sheena Campaign. In addition to signing the petition to amend the laws in Malaysia for harsher penalties on irresponsible animal care at, please collect the signatures manually and attend in person our special meeting at SPCA Selangor at Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor (next to the International School Kuala Lumpur) ON Saturday, January 21, 2006 AT 4:00 PM.

Contact friends of Sheena at:

Sign the petition!

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