Dec 10, 2005


Guess what?!

This GIF made my day.
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I left a message in a chinese Sammi forum.
Sammi saw the GIF and replied. But she didn't answer my question. O_0 Hurrrmmm....

Without realizing, a smile appeared on my face. A really big one. :D


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

hey, so farnie!!

isn't it just so great that your favourite artiste sort of talks to you.. in this case replies your message or something like that??

Now you know how i feel!!!!


Mi so free can put in all those signatures wan...

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

now you know how it feels when someone "that big" replies, or in this case sends a message !!!

that's why i'm so hyped up when yida replies!!!