Dec 23, 2005

Merry X'mas *you good for nothing* People!

So the trip to Genting was an eye-opener. In the hotel room (Genting Hotel), there was a channel that airs news/stories of animals. Like bears suffering so humans *more like stupid chinese people* can consume their gall bladder. *Whatever that is*

Geez, what is up with that??

And I'd like to add, that I feel that SOME/MOST of the people I know, probably don't give a shit about animal rights. Probably they don't see the brutality behind all these killings and abuse. Or, they're just ignorant.

Don't you feel guilty eating shark's fin?
They cut their fins off and throw them back into the ocean to die!

What about suckling pigs?!
They're just babies for goodness sake!
Try watching a clip of pigs being slaughtered. Listen to them squeal. That is so not "sayang akan nyawa".
I really don't like the things they do to animals!
Oh, you open a new shop and it's custom to slice the sheep's neck and bleed its butt off because with that, you're blessed with a truck load of gold!
How very factual.

I'm not trying to criticize other cultures and believe and what not, it's just that it hit me, that these things are just acts.
This is my POV.

I'm a free-thinker. I don't know shit about religion. Other than reading a fraction of Genesis, I know nothing. I don't know why some religions require people to slice animals' necks off. Or why there has to be animal sacrifice.

Okay now, Mr. K, explain yourself. I don't understand what you're talking about. You're going to KDU?
And answer the previous question. Why'd you pick BoiBoi & GirlGirl?

Wednesday, I went to an orphanage in OUG. Angel House, I think.
I noticed that all the girls there had short hair.
I can't figure out why. It could be that simple; waste not on hair accessories.


kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

i totally agree wit wut u just said.. it's not about sacrifice..but it's da way they do it ..

-Yeang Shin- said...

hey, u always come to my blog, but i seldom come to blog u have here, didnt noe the other side of u....anyway, teach me how to make my blog nicer k, i blur case one...haha!!