Dec 19, 2005


Well people, I'm going for a short holiday and am going to leave my two wittle babies at home with no one to play with them... How sad.

*Mr. K: Why did you pick them when you got them ar? (Been wanting to ask you since a while ago)*

*Am thinking maybe it's time to generate traffic? Nah...*

Ooh ooh, I'll bet Ct and I will be walking around aimlessly in First World Plaza and then it attracts some crook's attention and he starts to eye our every move. And finally, he robs us! *!*

Anyway, I think I'm going to KDU and I'll probably have to start in January. Oh, and I'm taking Mass Comm. And guess what? CT's taking it too!!!

We'll be expecting people to be:

People:"Ey, you're twins ar?"

Twins:"Er, yeah." *nods*

People:"Haha. Just now I saw one of you and then I saw you again and I was like "Ey?" like that."

Twins: *does fake laugh*

People:"Which one is elder ar?"

Twins: *One of us will say it* "She is."

People:"Have you two tried switching classes and fooled your friends ar?"

Twins:"Contrary to popular believe, no." *trying very hard to be friendly no matter how sien we are with the subject. It is the road to success! Ceh wah.*

1 comment:

-Yeang Shin- said...

haha, even if the both of u change class, we still noe who is chea hwey and chea teing....right? u guys starting on Jan? good luck k...