Nov 12, 2005

Yay! Hammie vid!

Well, remember the Pepsi commercial I mentioned? Here it is.
Right click > Save target as, if you will.

Image hosted by
And for the finale, a video of me little GirlGirl chewing on the bars. :D
She really is a cutie... *sigh of happiness*
She looks like a little Teddy Bear (Another name for Syrian hamsters)! No wonder I always let her out whenever she chews on the bars. Too cute to resist. Damn, I spoil her too much. (Save target as)

Well, I streamed it so you might not want to download it. But seriously, it'll eat away my bandwidth so it's better if you download. Kam Sia.

*might I add, she SEEMS angelic here because I had the thing edited. If you watched the original footage it'll be a whole different story here buddy.*

*Gotta keep my baby's reputation as a sweet young thing going here.*

Haha, contradiction is a funny thing.

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