Nov 9, 2005


I was practising the throw-something-up-in-air-and-land-in-mouth trick and... SUCCESS!! ... *in Dexter's voice from Dexter's Laboratory*

And then CT kept making me do it again and again. I'm putting on a freeshow baby!!

*Forgive me, I lack sleep* O_o


Jason said...

exam stress?

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

hammy stress?

cheahwey said...

Jason: Maybe. It's lurking somewhere inside me. On the outside, I seem like I'm on holiday. Hardly any books opened.

Mr. K: Thee hammies are doing well. In fact, they have grown. Just need to get chinchilla sand for the boy and fine sandpaper for their nails. Then I think I'm gonna get an extension for the habitrail cage. Not enough floor space for the little boi to run around. But my house no space tim. Want to put in room mum dont let.

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

DUHHHHHHH... Of course you can't put them in the room.

cheahwey said...

you... (-_-*)