Nov 24, 2005

Very Important Advice

When thinking of getting a pet, you should:

  • Do some research on the particular animal. (I.e., symptoms of illnesses, living environment, what it can and cannot eat.)
    Don't take their (people from the pet store) word for it. Do your own research.
  • Get a safe cage (for caged animals).
  • Make sure their toys are player-friendly.
    Example: Dogs. Their play-balls should be big enough, that they can't swallow it.
    Example: Hamsters. Their wheels should be solid and not barred, like this one.

    It's suicide.
  • Save some money just in case your pet has health problems.
  • Get the number and address of your local vet.
  • Give lots of LOVE to the little thing.
  • Make sure you are ready for your new pet. Don't be an irresponsible jerk.
  • Last but not least, rescue your pet from the local shelter, or buy it from a breeder.
    If you can, try not to buy your pets from pet stores. Most pet stores are in only for the money.
    You're just encouraging them to lock poor little animals in small little cages for so long.
    And they have to live with annoying people who tap on the glass. Idiots.
    If you rescue your pet from the shelter, you're doing the right thing. Need I say more?
    If you buy your pet from a breeder, a responsible and respected breeder, then you can be sure your pet could lead a healthy life.
    For some animals, illnesses are genetic.
    If some bozo breeds a bunch of sick animals, he's creating more sick offspring. Totally moronic behaviour.

Bear that in mind when you want to get a pet.

I feel all better now.

You know how many strays are roaming the streets anot?

How many times I've seen dogs and cats lying lifeless on the road. Or smashed, for that matter.

Everytime I see a dog trying to cross the road, there's always sadness and concern, whether it will get hit by some fornicating driver and spends it's last minutes lying on a congested road, bleeding.
The agony...

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