Nov 27, 2005

I Plogged.

So I was supposed to blog on Friday, but big fat I-can't-do-3-push-ups brother hogged the fornicating computer.
And I paper+logged=plogged.

So yes, we saw Wong Choong Han in Mid Valley.
We, ahem, Me, I mean, I, saw Colby Miller on the very same day too.

The Harry Potter movie was not as good lar.
It was rushed and all. Wasn't to die for.
But kudos to Mr. Director Mike for cramming the whole book into a 2 1/2hr movie.

BoiBoi & GirlGirl will now be also known as, Harry & Harriet Houdini, Escape Artists Extraordinaire. Almost.

Both tried to climb out of their cages and risked killing themselves.

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