Nov 14, 2005


Okay, exam anxiety is overrr.
Consider $@#!@* gone.

BTW, ChuiTeng ar, how did you find this blog again???

I just got home.
I'm sweaty, oily and yucky.
My spot, although somewhat under the fan, is really uncomfortable. The air is so god damn humid!

On another note, I think I'm a fake. Maybe not a fake, but just trying to make people happy?
*I'm talking to myself here*

This morning, I was...

Me:"I'm so positive! Whee!!!"

It's obvious that I was high and drugged with chinese tea.

At 5.00pm,

Me:"I'm gonna die!! Take me home! I HAVE TO WASH MY FACE!!!"

I have nothing to say.

Xtra! Xtra!
SaeWeng smashed his baby finger with the car door!!!
Just thought you ought to know.

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