Oct 3, 2005

What was I gonna blog again?

I had a dream this morning or so. Very vague, but I know it's about GirlGirl being pregnant.
I just remembered seeing "naked mole-rats" around in the cage. And I freaked. Then *poof*, I wake up.

I meant to blog a few days ago but never got to it. Now I've forgotten what I wanted to blog about.

So this is really random, but GirlGirl has got really soft fur. It's like her hair is better than mine. Damn, I wish my hair were as soft as her's.

And there's that time where I rant about how fat I've become in the holidays.

Ooh, you know sometimes when you've finished your paper and you sit around staring here and there trying to kill time during an exam, you find the weirdest things!
I finished a paper real quick cause I didn't study the night before and I was looking around.

The Sitting Arrangements
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So Suhail (hardcore smoker?), Ruban and this other guy (I forgot who was sitting there) were doing the exact same thing.
I'm not talking about them doing their paper or anything, but they were shaking their legs! Simultaneaously! How weird is that?! You don't see that everyday now do you?

I've decided to try get more photos up cause if this blog is interesting, it'll make me feel good. When I feel good, I'll get even more photos!!
Let's just hope I don't procrastinate no more yeah?


kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

woah...must be u la whoelse?? aunty hwey *keke*

cheahwey said...

actually, i was also fidget-ting my leg at that time.