Oct 20, 2005

The US of A; puke encounter

Me mummy's going to LA, then LV today. I wanna go!!

And yesterday, I puked my dinner back out. How nice...
It was kind of sudden though. Was watching "Friends" when I started to have a headache and having the urge to puke.
I had to endure around an hour or more, of puke going up my esophagus; me gullet, and then coming back down cause it didn't want to come out. The moment came when I was listening to "One Tree Hill" (couldn't watch it, cause I was laying down and closing my eyes).

Sat up > puked.

It was harder to puke this time compared to my previous puking encounters. I think it was because the area around my throat, don't know what-cha-ma-call-it wasn't wide enough. So, the puke literally shot out, I think.

That reminded me when I was X years old, the family went to Langkawi for the holidays. Then I puked during the trip and got sick for a few days. And that's when I became thinner!!! Yay!
I was lying on the bed (still in Langkawi), and then CT said to me:" *holds my wrist* Ey, you're thinner!"

And then in Penang, the same thing happened. God damned it, it also happened on the way down from Genting after Sammi's concert in 2004.
It shows just how weak my immune system was, and is.
And so, here I am blogging when I'm supposed to study.
I'm like the Queen of Procrastination.

BTW, did you guys read the newspaper??
Nicol David is the new British Open Champion!


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

[quote]...and then CT said to me:" *holds my wrist* Ey, you're thinner!" [/quote]

since when I said that???!!!

and I took care of you during the Langkawi trip, REMEMBER??

cheahwey said...

C'mon lar, there was hardly anything to do. You just watched me sleep lar.