Oct 26, 2005

Everyone's changed and I've not.

I just saw in Friendster, my friend from primary school...

I digress,
Whose cousin was really nice to me in Standard One or Two : You know when we celebrated Children's Day in our younger days, we had to bring some kind of things to school to share with others.

My parents made me bring sachets of "Quaker Instant" drink thing. It was so embarassing (BUT tasted good, the drink that is.) but nonetheless, her cousin saved me some face. It was a small gesture, but she was really nice. I remember her face, in a vague sort of way, but not her name. Damn it.

Anyway, I offered the sachets to the other students in the class, but they declined. So I was like thinking:"Yeah, why would you want it anyway..."
No, actually I wasn't thinking about it. I'm thinking about it now. I don't think I was thinking about anything then.

I just went from this person to the next and the next and the next. Then I got to her, I offered her the sachet, she kindly accepted. Then she opened it and poured it into her water bottle and shaked it and drank it.
And she smiled to me and said:"Mmm...its quite good. Just needs hot water." I smiled.

Then next year, she transferred schools.
The fact that I remembered her so well is because she was one of the few that I talked to in class. I was this shy, introvert girl. Didn't talk much. *Leans back and looks at the ceiling in deep thought*

Anyway, back to my primary school friend, ShuLi. We were classmates since Standard One right up to Standard Six. But we didn't talk much because both of us were shy, introvert and didn't talk much. *Leans back and looks at the ceiling in deep thought*
*Deja Vu!*
When I first looked at her pictures (Which was a while ago.), I saw that she changed. But first, let me describe her.

She's tall. Real TALL. Like 1-7-something or around 1-8-0cm, at only 12 years old might I add.
She tied her hair up in a pony tail. Had nice fringes. Hunched/slightly bent down most/all of the time because she had low self-esteem (I can see it!).
Talked softly. Was kind of adorable back then. She had fair skin.

Only in Standard Six did I start talking to her. I got to know that she also liked Sammi and we had some things in common.
We both watched Super Sunday on Sundays and on Monday, I would walk to her table and talk to her about the show. It was kind of the only thing I remembered us talking about actually.

There was once when the teacher had to take the weight and height of the students to be written in some card. Everyone had been weighed and measured except her. The teacher asked her to come in and she was like really shy and didn't really want to do it. She was outside of class when everyone was taking the test. At that moment, the empathetic me, knew what was wrong. Apparently, not many/all of the students seem to realize what was happening.

As ShuLi was tall, too tall for her age, it would mean that her weight would surpass the average weight of a average height 12 year old; that would mean the majority of the class, by the length of a skyscraper.
So, being aware of that, she was shy. Thus, hunching when walking.

Finally, she stepped onto the scale. And teacher said:"70kg."
*I assume it is because that number comes into frame whenever I think about this*
Then the other people's reaction was like:"Wah!" and the likes.
At that moment, I really felt for her.
I regret not being close friends with her.

So when I saw her pictures for the first time since a long time, I was like:"Wow, you've definately changed."
She has short hair, not so short but you can see her picture in Friendster under "Shuli". (Not so nice to post her picture up here, eventhough I think she obviously has no problem with that. Respect.)

She's like punk-rock hot chiq now. Capital C.
Got quite a few piercings and she's happier. Extrovert blah blah blah. The oppposite of her younger days.
In fact, I met her in 1U last holiday (Form 4). I was just leaving and she was just coming in. Said "Hi" and left cause GuoZhang was rushing. She's still that tall.

Today I see her pictures again.
She's got a new piercing.
She got her tongue pierced.

Ah yes. Great post this is. Long and meaningful.

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