Sep 27, 2005

What the?!

So I was just chillin', sitting sleepily in front of the computer, trying really hard to stay awake.
And it hit me. "What say me, I show off a bit by posting my super-duper essays eh?"

*Goes looking for them*
*Comes back*

I don't keep any of my English essays. How perfect...
Not just ANY English essays, I got excellent marks for those.
I found only one in my 'Essay' file which I thought I had written horribly but I got 48 over 50. Not bad eh?
It was one of the exam questions. Something like: You were preparing to leave for the mall and it suddenly poured cats and dogs. Write about your day at home.

Ey, why no feedback on the layout wan...
Other than Jason, nobody said anything leh...
I change the layout for your viewing pleasure leh... hehe

I recorded clips of my babies yesterday night and wanted to put them up but I couldn't find the USB port thing. Damn frustrated la that time.
Gonna try again tonight.

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