Oct 1, 2005


Oh man, the discomfort...
14 freaking days ago I underwent ovulation.
Today I don't feel good.
I think I'm grouchy.

But then again, I learnt how to play "The House of the Rising Sun" on the PI-A-NO.
Very tiring it is.

Have to wash the hamster cages tomorrow. How to wash?! Bad timing lar.
Yor, tiring somemore...
That CheaTeing never help one bit ar. Damn lazy/unhelpful man you.

Oi Mr. K, I ask you.
The hamsters for me and the other one, or for me and only me? Hmm?


kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

wut isshit dat ya wanna say...u mean u wanna pass one to me issit...hmm lemme check ma shec...study study study and last but not least study ... sorry fully booked XD...plz come again after spm la kayz

cheahwey said...

no lar im saying CT doesnt help me with the cleaning process. she says the present was for me and only me. so i wanna know who was it for mar.