Sep 17, 2005

She's such a beautiful girl...

Since I'm currently in the 'I Love Jennifer Aniston' mood, I'd like to share a song about her written by DumDogRun.

DumDogRun - Jennifer Aniston (Save target as)

Mr K,
I bought a new cage today and I saw you walking towards somewhere (i.e. Mnet) with Guan Shern. Skip school go SS2 lar.

Yes, I admit it. I stalked you. Lock me in jail if you will.

*Wanted to put that in for nuts. Seemed fun to read.*

1 comment:

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

stalker....ok ler i's just 1 of 50+ days i went there...dat day last liao..