Sep 19, 2005


Ooh... Ulcer hurts...

Sammi 's coming on the 29th ooo... Dunno can go anot...
If can go then going with this girl. Joyce Lai Xiao Shan. Her name nice right?
Can call her Joy-cee, Shan Shan, Ah Shan dll...

I think I want a tattoo.

I wanna make layouts. Don't have time. Sheesh...

And then Benny like fat adi.

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That's what Bernard did to Nicole today.
Bernard : Guess what am I?
Nicole : Dunno.
Bernard : I'm a light-bulb.
Nicole : *laughs*
Bernard : Find the switch and turn me on.
Nicole : *laughs somemore*
Bernard : Find the switch.
Nicole : *laughs for another lightyear*
Bernard : Quick, find the switch & turn me on...

That's the best joke I've seen lar.... Harharhar...
Haven't laugh so hard before.... hehe

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