Sep 8, 2005

I Wonder How

How will I die leh?
I wonder how, I wonder why... Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree... Haha.

Maybe I'll die rich. Or not. But I want to.

I wanna die :

  • rich
  • peacefully
  • happy
  • with no regrets. (Like that I'll be a happy ghost ma...No need come haunt you every other night right?)
  • on a date that's easy to remember. Not something like July 4. So random.
  • at least when I'm 85 and above I guess.

My Death Wish (Not the suicidal kind tho. Like literally, 'death' 'wish'.) :

  • having at least met Sammi, Avril, Jennifer Aniston and Evan Taubenfeld once or twice.
  • hawing wittle baby puppys to pway with
  • a new computer with super motherboard, speakers and a fast printer cum scanner
  • knowing how to play the guitar like uber well
  • play the drums too
  • eat what I've always wanted to eat my whole life (which I have no idea what is)
  • grow taller before I die
  • proud owner of a great body. Fat thighs be gone!
  • maybe minor changes in my appearance (Not botox lar. More like losing some fat here and there)
  • pass my exams with flying colours!!!
  • marry a rich guy who won't divorce me for some young chiq
  • do laser eye treatment
  • if not, wear contacts (See above)
  • watch all seasons of Friends & CSI
  • screw people with my superb English (You wait and see)
  • and since I'm rich. I'll buy a mansion in Scotland, UK, US & New Zealand. No castles please. They're creepy.
  • talk to me cousins during family reunions. I don't like the silence!


:: cream dream :: said...

oh...i hope that all these comes true in the end of the day..and i believe as your journey continues..there'd be more things to come ;)

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

Dying :
1. Rich = You may make it.
2. Peacefully = You may make it.
3. Happy = You may make it.
4. With no regrets = I doubt so.I think.
5. Om a date that's easy to remember = I doubt that too.
6. At least when you're >85 = You better start exercising & eating healthy.

As for your death wishes, no comment. All I can say is,

"Hope it'll come true lor.. Like that you can die peacefully!"

See, told you you may die peacefully..

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

o.O marry a rich guy= is dat a must?

cheahwey said...

oi yida's girl..
(sukak tak? haha)
you hardly leave comments now you leave one but then damn negative like that. Apa lu mau?

Im so gonna haunt you liao.
Once a week or something lar ok.